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Equipment Issues and Best Practices in a Landfill Application


Certification Only:No


Class I, III Landfill Operator4False
Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill Operator4False
Material Recovery Facility Operator0False
Spotter / Waste Screener1False
Transfer Station Operator0False



By Mark A Welch, Landfill Products & Application Specialist, Caterpillar Inc, Aurora, IL 60507, USA
Landfills and handling solid waste is one of the most destructive applications for heavy equipment on the planet. To help owners, managers and employees get the absolute most out of their equipment and investment this session will discuss the Pro’s & Con’s with improper sizing and the selection of landfill equipment as well as some basic operating best practices to keep up with the incoming traffic and maintain maximum density.
Using actual photos, videos, simulations and personal experiences, this presentation is designed to inform people on the ‘costs’ associated with equipment selection.
After listening and participating in this session, a person should be fully aware of the proper selection process for equipment and operation for a landfill application. The following is a breakdown of the topics and estimate time that will be spent on each during the presentation:
• Landfill Industry Overview – 30 minutes
• Landfill and Waste Types – 30 minutes
• Waste Compaction Basics – 30 minutes
• Equipment Basics – 30 minutes
• Benefits of Compaction – 60 minutes
• Using Equipment for Compaction Best Practices – 60 minutes
• Total = 240 minutes (4 hours)
This course was approved by the SWMTC in November of 2019 and can actively accept registrations until November 2022.