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Spotter Training for Solid Waste Facilities (Initial - 8 Hours) - Online


Certification Only:No


Class I, III Landfill Operator0False
Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill Operator0False
Material Recovery Facility Operator0False
Spotter / Waste Screener8True
Transfer Station Operator0False



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Course approved through July 2026.


This course covers the role of spotters at landfills and waste processing facilities. Included is an overview of facility operations focusing on understanding permit conditions and site plans as they relate to the spotter's responsibilities.


At the completion of the training the student should be able to describe the spotter's responsiblity at a solid waste facility; identify the proper way to manage their incoming waste and recognize safe ways to handle the waste.


This course is designed as initial spotter training or as follow-up for continuing education requirements.



“I just completed the continuing education online. I will be using the online application to do the continuing education for my other operators as well. This is the first time I have used the online source for continuing education.“



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Time for Completion

90 days to complete the course from the date login information for the online course is received in order to receive CEUs or contact hours approved by the SWMTC. If you exceed the 90 day period without completing the course and you wish to continue, you must start over with registration, fees and retaking the course starting from Module 1. There are no extensions or grace period. This completion time period is set by the SWMTC.

70% proficiency is required for all exercises in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. There is not a final exam.

Note: If you are needing continuing education credits to maintain your operator training, you should probably take course #989.

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