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Introduction to Lift Station Maintenance


Certification Only:No


Class I, III Landfill Operator8False
Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill Operator8False
Material Recovery Facility Operator8False
Spotter / Waste Screener0False
Transfer Station Operator8False



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November 8 Live Virtual Course


This one-day class is designed to give the student an overview of the day-to-day operation and maintenance of wastewater lift stations. Subjects covered will include types of lift stations, lift station operating principles, components, routine PM requirements and basic troubleshooting techniques.

At the conclusion of this workshop, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss the purpose, typical locations and types of lift stations commonly found in wastewater collection systems.
  2. List and describe the components found in a lift station.
  3. List the hazards and how to work safely in and around lift stations.
  4. Describe the basic electrical and control systems found in lift stations.
  5. Describe the operation of centrifugal pumps and their components.
  6. Describe the procedure for inspecting a lift station.
  7. List the tasks that should be performed during routine lift station visits.
  8. Using a draw-down formula, the student will be able to calculate a pump's flow rate when given the wet well's filling and emptying times.
  9. Discuss the procedure to follow when responding to system alarms.
  10. Give examples of some typical lift station problems and how to respond to them.
  11. Describe the purpose of periodic maintenance and the considerations that go into determining maintenance frequencies.
  12. List and describe the recordkeeping requirements of a lift station.
  13. Successfully complete the knowledge test with a score of 70%.


"Excellent instructor, very good at explaining."

"Lots of helpful, logical solutions to operations and maintenance. Things that I can do."

"I liked the open forum and discussion of experiences from other participants."

"I learned a lot."

"Great Instructor."

"The Instruction was taught using experience from the field."

"Liked most the detail of material and handouts on preventive maintenance program"

 "Instruction was well taught, with questions and answers for a better understanding. Mr. Stoffel did a great job!"                               



Glynn Stoffel, CET

Mr. Stoffel is a certified environmental trainer and consultant with extensive experience in maintaining and managing underground utility systems.  As a training consultant, he has delivered thousands of hours of training throughout the country on the safe operation, maintenance and construction of water, sewer and storm drain systems. His consulting services include distribution and collection system O&M program development and CMOM program management.  In addition to his work with the TREEO center, he conducts training for the Maryland Center for Environmental Training at the College of Southern Maryland and the Technology Transfer (T2) Center at the University of Maryland.  He has an AA in Civil Engineering Technology and a BS in Business Administration (Management) from the University of Baltimore.  The Board of Certified Safety Professionals recognizes him as a Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer (CET).


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