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SCADA Systems


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SCADA systems have become more sophisticated over the years. Applications for utility use continue to expand. Remote monitoring of systems, process control adjustments, maintenance management, and report generation are some technologies that many managers are embracing. However, these innovations in communications equipment, hardware and software and safety have caused many operators and managers confusion. Understanding the terminology, fundamental uses, applications, and operating platforms is necessary if managers and staff are to use them to their best advantage. This program is designed to provide utility staff with a deeper understanding of SCADA and control systems and their essential components as well as keeping an eye trained on safety. Those who have purchased or who are considering purchasing advanced controls will have an opportunity to note the function, advantages, and disadvantages of current SCADA programs used in the water and wastewater industry.

Special attention will be placed on the topics of what water and wastewater utility staff “need to know” about the fundamentals of SCADA. The design process, specification of hardware and software, installation requirements, and project start-up and close out considerations will be addressed. Topic discussions are supplemented by a PowerPoint presentation and system demonstrations of meters and equipment will be used. The instructor will be available for questions during breaks or after class.

Benefits of Attendance

Current operators and managers of systems will learn about SCADA, controls, and safety issues so to better understand how such systems can be used to increase system performance. Managers will learn how best to support their operational and maintenance staff on multiple levels. System maintenance needs will also be identified and discussed. 


"This course gave me a better understanding of how PLCs, VFDs, PIDs and SCADA work and are tied together."

"This course seemed to beneft "New-to SCADA" people like me,as wll as the experienced."

"The content will help with my understanding of SCADA plant operations and how to better understand programmer and how it relates to process issues.  Refreshing the importance of safety."



Frederick Toone

Fred has worked with Data Flow Systems for a total of 13 years, with 7 years as a SCADA Instructor.  Data Flow Systems leads the industry in SCADA manufacturing and automation solutions for the water and wastewater industry. Fred has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Emergency Management and a Associate's Degree in Ecological Controls.  Fred is also a retired Air Force Veteran with 20 years of experience in Civil Engineering Utility Systems. He has held certifications in Water, Wastewater, and Distribution Operation, and he has previously held a Backflow Prevention Certification and Fire Protection Systems certification.


or depending on availability


Joe Hurley

Joe Hurley is a Vice President of Woodard & Curran, Inc. and specializes in SCADA applications, set-ups, staff training, and system troubleshooting. With more than 35 years as a Master Electrician and Controls Engineer, Joe has been involved in various project roles including retrofits, upgrades and ground-up SCADA system design and installation for a wide range of treatment facility applications. Mr. Hurley is also one of the Woodard & Curran electrical safety instructors, training employees in NFPA 70E standards and basic electrical safety.

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